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You can use the link  below to make your $100.00 deposit for a puppy with a credit card through paypal. You do not need a paypal account to use this option.This service is for deposit only,please bring cash when you pick up your puppy,Call me at 615-666-5368 before using this link to make sure we still have the puppy you want available.Below is paypal link. 
Your puppy will come to you already wormed,tails cut,dew claws removed,first shot,or shots depending on age,Puppy pack,akc or ckc papers or both if double reg. and a health guarantee that the puppy is in good health at the time of purchase.You have 72 hours to take your puppy for a vet exam.Should there be a LIFE THREATENING PROBLEM you have the option of trading for another puppy of same value ,or waiting for a replacement puppy,and in some cases there will be a cash refund.We want you to have a very healthy puppy! We Do sell for pet purposes only so testicles are not guaranteed on any puppy.Sometimes they take a year to drop.

The AKC only has 3 sizes of poodles,

The standard 15 in and 20 lbs and up

Minature 10 to 15 in and 10 to 20 lb

toy 10 in and under and  10 lbs and under

Velvet Touch teacups(best know teacup poodle breeders) has classifed sizes below 
tiny toy 4.5 to 6lbs 8 to 9 in
teacup 4.5 lbs and under,8 and under

Deposits are nonrefundable!

Call me @ 615-666-5368

Email me at the above link

We live in a rural area where City Water hasn't been offered yet,so we have a water pump that is called a ram pump, http://www.riferam.com/ 
it doesn't work off electric and is wonderful to know that something can work like that without having to have power.Our electric was off for several days during a ice storm but we still had water.My poodles love there trips to the water pump as you can tell from the video.They act like a bunch of little kids at a playground.Even old cindy the mixed beagle hound likes to get in on the action.

Below is a link to a great forum board with lots of grooming tips for your poodle,just do a search for Poodle
Below is a link to a great way to housebreak your new poodle puppy,there are also cheaper versions of this on amazon.com with lots of reviews for you to read
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Please take the time to sign my guest book to let me know you were here and how you like my site.If you have gotten your poodle from me let others know how your experence was with getting your new family member.

Below is a link for a product to get rid of tear stains on light colored dogs

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I have never shipped a Puppy and i do not SHIP my puppies. I will drive to the nearest interstate(to Me) to meet you if you are coming a long distance.I know i live out in the country in a hard to get to place and i try to help anyway i can. 
Below is a link to the Velvet touch teacup decription

   This is the sizes that the AKC has for Poodles.,down to the toy,the smaller ones(tiny Toy and teacup) are made by breeder's to define smaller sizes.As you can see the Normal Size Toy is really a small dog himself.
Below is a good article about tear stains
You need to neuter you male puppy before the habit of marking his territory is learned, before 6 months. Marking is hormone driven and when neutered it takes away the need to mark.Most people wait to late to neuter and the dog has already learned to mark his territory. Females will also mark there territory when left unspaded.They need to be neutered before the HABIT is formed.  

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Prices run from
Toy Females $500 to $600
Tiny Toy Females $700 To $1000
Teacup Females $1500 & Up,Starting prices at 4.5 lbs,smaller is higher,Teacups are hard to raise and I don't get many.
This is all depending on size and color , Smaller is higher and males are $100 cheaper.This is also pet price(no Papers), if you want breeding rights and AKC papers it is $400 more. I have a big demand for females.If you want on my waiting list there will be a fee of 100.00 to be put on it.The $100.00 fee will also be your deposit and applied to the puppy.

There is a Paypal link for $100.00

Khaleesi and CJ cream or white male born 12/1/17 he will be a tiny Teacup, He is 21 oz at 11 weeks, charting him to be around 3 lbs grown , he is 5 in tall. Price on him is $1500 pet price and he should be ready to go to his new home next week, read info below before you decide in a teacup is right for  you  http://sharminspoodles.homestead.com/teacupcare.html

Site updated 2/16/18

These 2 teacups are all that are available
These's are Shearods and Cj's boy's that are a year old, Photo sent in by a very satisfied owner
Lucy Lou's and CJ's Black female, from the weight charts she is going to be teacup and very small, she is 1lb at 7 weeks,She is also not very tall so she will be teacup. I will price both teacups babies In a couple of weeks when I can be for sure that they are going to be the 3 lbs grown that they are charting at this time. If you want one of these at teacup prices, you can make a deposit on one to hold it, They will run from $1500 to $2000,Pet price