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. Elvis shown here with american idol runnerup,Diana Degarmo,She loved him.
Me,ronnie mcdowell,
and  elvis
My Poodles have some of these teacup poodle breeders bloodlines
WB Cowboy Elvis 3.1 lb tiny teacup
He comes from a long line of 
teacups,Elvis has sadly passed away,but He is the the grandpa of a lot of our babies.

LuLu is a beautiful small 5 lb tiny toy female, she has Velvet Touch and E & J teacup breeding
Lu Lu
Khaleesi, 5 lb 8 in cream Tiny Toy female,she has velvet Touch teacup breeding
FeFe Bug  is a black silver phantom teacup female, she from all teacup bloodlines, I got her from E and J Poodles she is 7.5 tall and 4 lb. Her parents and siblings are on there website,her mother is Sunny,Her father is Max and her siblings are Trey, and Shadow.Here is a link to there pages
Fe Fe longer hair
Fe Fe shorter hair
Little Miss Shearod.She is a 7 lb Brown sable female,she has Velvet touch teacup breeding, I love the Browns(chocolate) and this sable color is so pretty,shown here is her long and short hair
My new male Charlie Brown Jr(CJ) He is a 2.10 teacup I got him from E and J Kennels when they retired
Link below to more info on this fine fellow
Candy, 5 lb 8in red Female, She has Velvet Touch and Swamprats Teacup bloodlines
All of my poodles are AKC reg
Arnold's Red Samantha 11, I got her from E & J When they retired, she was supposed to be a toy, she comes from Toy Bloodlines of Idaho Jewels and E And J, but she is actually a oversized toy and more of a Minature Size at 12 Lbs and 12 in tall.
WB Big E, He is a 5 to 6 lb True Apricot
His daddy is the tiny Teacup Elvis, He and Candy have the same mom
Katness is a 5lb Brown and White Parti tiny toy female. She is only 7.5 in tall , and teacup in height, but she is chunky.She has the velvet touch teacup breeding.Loves her toys and has to have them even when nursing her babies.