I am a AKC and CKC Breeder of Teacup Poodle,Tiny Toy Poodle and Toy Poodles.We are located in the hills of lafayette,Tennessee.About 70 miles north of Nashville.We have been breeding both quarter horses and paints for over 30 years.Our home raised horses have gone on to be winners at some of the larger shows and we have been very proud of what we have raised.Our breeding program has had horses that have qualified and placed at the world show,been on the aqha's nations leaders and at the state level produced state champions.We are still striving to improve our broodmares with best we can afford and find.

We started raising poodles in 2001 after my husband was in a accident was paralyzed from the waist down,and left him in a wheelchair.We had a lot more time at home after that,and decided to raise a few poodles because we love the breed and enjoy meeting the future owners of our puppies.

Poodles are such a fun dog!Very healthy unlike some of the other toy breeds and the fact that they are one of the breeds that do not shed was a plus for us.After my first poodle they had a place in my heart forever.These dogs are at home both inside and out.They have been at home outside roaming the up and down the hills here at the farm and inside the house just a lapsitting.You just can't beat them for a all around dog.Or even beat them off your lap,mine spend most there time fighting over whos turn it is.I Must tell you I love,LOVE,LOVE,MyPoodles.

Please remember this when thinking about a poodle.
They do require some grooming,they don't shed,and after there hair gets to about 3/4 inch long,it will matt if not brushed daily,if you don't want to buy some clippers and learn to clip them yourself,you will have to pay for a groomer. I do my own grooming and  i  prefer to leave there hair clipped down shorter because of the going through the mud and grass here on the farm,and me not having the time to do the daily grooming.I do sometimes let there hair get longer in the winter months.I have more time for grooming them.And they are beautiful in that long haircoat.....  Please enjoy the site!

Update: My husband Walter passed away from his spinal cord injury in 2016, I am finally updating this page almost 7 yrs later, there has been a special guy that has came into my life,Timothy Sanders, the future looks bright for me and him.

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Rhett,rosie and not sure which other poodle,having a wonderful time running through the grass in the yard.A happy dog is a healthy dog.look at the grins on there pretty faces.
apricot poodle
toy poodle
toy any toy poodle
eacup poodle bruizer
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Colton and teacup poodle Bruizer
Debra and Walter with toy and tiny toy
Tiny Toy poodle
apricot poodle
Phantom poodle puppy
The Toy Poodle is a very energetic, intelligent, and elegant appearing small dog. It has a beautiful dens, curly, and harsh textured coat. Most coats are solid throughout. The ears are long, wide, thickly feathered and hang close to the head. The skull is moderately rounded with a long, straight muzzle. Jaws are strong with a scissor bite. Their eyes are oval in shape, and usually dark in color. Neck and shoulders are strong and long enough to carry the head high with dignity. The body has a muscular squarely built appearance. The chest is deep and wide with well-sprung ribs. The top line of the back is level from the shoulder blades to base of tail. The bones and muscles of both hind legs and forelegs are in proportion to its size. The tail is straight and carried up sometimes docked of length to insure a balanced outline. Their feet are rather small and oval in shape. Toes are arched, with thick hard pads for good cushioning. Dewclaws are generally removed. Toy Poodles make very rewarding pets. In spite of their small size, the Toy Poodle has retained the independent personality of large Poodles, and is an affectionate, playful companion.
There is a description of the Toy Poodle breed toward the bottom of this page
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