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. Elvis shown here with american idol runnerup,Diana Degarmo,She loved him.
Me,ronnie mcdowell,
and  elvis
My Poodles have some of these teacup poodle breeders bloodlines
WB Cowboy Elvis 3.1 lb tiny teacup
He comes from a long line of 
teacups,Elvis has sadly passed away,but He is the the grandpa of a lot of our babies.

LuLu is a beautiful small 5 lb tiny toy female, she has Velvet Touch and E & J teacup breeding
Lu Lu
FeFe Bug  is a black silver phantom teacup female, she from all teacup bloodlines, I got her from E and J Poodles she is 7.5 tall and 4 lb. Her parents and siblings are on there website,her mother is Sunny,Her father is Max and her siblings are Trey, and Shadow.Here is a link to there pages
Fe Fe longer hair
Fe Fe shorter hair
Little Miss Shearod.She is a 7 lb toy Brown sable phantom female,she has Velvet touch teacup breeding, I love the Browns(chocolate) and this sable color is so pretty,shown here is her long and short hair
All of my poodles are AKC reg
Jax Jackson is a Brown Sable Male, he was born brown but has lighted to this beautiful brown sable color, he weights 4.5 so he is borderline Teacup and Tiny Toy, He came from E & J Poodles,and has some of there best teacup bloodlines, his daddy only weighted 2.5 lbs, and he has a lot of Teacup siblings, Jackson is very gentle and very sweet, his worse problem is he will bark and jump on your leg when I am taking them outside to potty, he wants to know he is special and wants me to pack him out, he usually gets his way, better than hearing him bark, he usually is only vocal when he is going outside. That look in the center pic is the one I get when he wants picked up, his eyes are not red, the flash made them red
Wilma is a red 6 lb 9 in tiny toy female, loves to give kisses , The teacup Cowboy Elvis is her Granddaddy

WB Gurty
She is a dark brown Tiny Toy, that is 6 lbs, 9 in tall, Very sweet loving girl, She has Velvet Touch and E&J teacup bloodlines,Her daddy is the Tiny 3.0 lb teacup CJ
WB Felicia She is a sweet dark Brown 6lb tiny toy female,Her daddy is Jackson and her mother is Shearod
Khleesi is a 5.5 lb  9 in female,she has a very outgoing temperment and loves every body she meets
WB Tyrion 

3 lb ,7.5 in teacup male, his daddy was a 2.10 lb Teacup male Charlie Brown Jr. that i got from E & J poodles when they retired. He looks just like his daddy but he is white. His daddy has passed away ,but hopefully Tyrion will produce some teacups like his daddy did. He is the perfect example of a teacup, Beautiful little head, short bodied and long legged.He is also a sweetie that thinks he is a big boy.
Charlie Brown (CJ) Tyrion's daddy,and Sadies
Tyrion and Tim
                 Shearod and Tim
WB Sadie, Brown sable, 6 lb tiny toy female,Her daddy is Charlie Brown Junior, he has a pic below, he weighted 2.10,Her mother is Lu Lu, with her daddy being so small she can produce teacups, She has the sweetest temperment,so loveable
 Gemma is a beautiful Tiny toy brown sable, she weights 5.5 lbs and her daddy is Jackson and her mother is Gurty.She loves to sit in laps, She has only had the one baby 12/5/23 and she didn't want to be still for pics, wanted to go back to her baby, but i did almost get a good one.